Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have been doing a family blog for ages. But I have recently become addicted to the many stitchers out there and their blogs. I am not a stitcher that completes a great many projects a year but I do LOVE the time that I do spend stitching. I have decided to go ahead and start my own stitching blog. So as my first post I thought I would start with my stitching roots.

I started stitching as a young child making x's on gingham fabric my mom gave me, I loved creating pictures from simple floss and fabric. As I grew my projects became more ambitious. I have few projects that I made from my youth as I gave most of them away as gifts. However I do have a set that I finished in high school and the second at college.
I looked for the original pattern but couldn't find it, they are Paula Vaughan designs from her quilting series.  The 2nd photo came out dark, the first is a much better representation of the colors.  I love forest green but would love to get rid of the mauve matting, so 80's lol.  But I still love them and they are in my living room and I am always surprised how many people think they are paintings and not cross stitch.