Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Organizing vs Stitching

I haven't been stitching much lately, we had a fun busy summer though! I have recently begun attending an organization workshop. It has been amazing and she always says if you can get 10% more organized that is 90 minutes you add to your day. I have to tell you every time I hear that all I can think of is 90 minutes more of stitching a day! Anyway as part of my organization I went through my things and have been discarding and giving away to charity a great deal of my stuff. I came across this pattern in my purging and thought I would post it here. If anyone would like to stitch it please let me know and I will send it to you. It is Summers Remembered by Paula Vaughan, I don't think it is in print right now as I tried to find it online a couple of months ago and couldn't. The pattern is in good shape but has a tear at the binding, doesn't effect the pattern at all though. Oh and if anyone is interested in joining me in becoming more organized the workshop I am attending is by Marie Ricks and her website is