Monday, November 8, 2010

Exciting News!

I just have to share I am so excited!  I know this is a stitching blog but I am so thrilled I am posting it anyway! For those of you that don't digital scrapbook Shabby Princess is the #1 designer of paper and embellishments to use.  I love her stuff and buy as much as I can afford.  I recently started posting a few things in her gallery and they picked me for Layout of the WEEK!!!  I won $10 to her store which is SOOO exciting but even more exciting is that I am featured on her blog!  So go check it out!

Huge thanks to my photography friends!  Without great pictures to inspire this never would have happened!

Laura Bunker Photography took the amazing pictures of the girls!
Shameless Photography took the picture of Brent and I, it is my FAVORITE picture of us ever!