Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Sewing Room

My sewing room is truly amazing in my mind but that is as far as it has gotten, maybe someday when we have a bigger house or my kids are at college. For now it is the kitchen table if I get out the sewing machine and my hand stitching is done in the following two spots:

Upstairs in the living room I have my Dutalier Rocking Chair that I LOVE. So comfy. I also have a second or third project waiting to work on hanging out in the bookshelf. I have my wonderful light how do people stitch without a good light! I love mine I have two, one for upstairs and one for downstairs and I got them at the Cabella's Sporting Goods store, lol. They are "tie-flying" lamps, lol. Apparently men are not impressed with the wonders of a good true light lamp and they were clearanced out for a steal! They were the same name brand as the one my craft store had for $120 but put in Cabellas packaging and only $39!

Anyway I am easily distracted, my second sewing spot is in our exercise/toys/tv room. When I want to spend time with my husband but cannot listen to another history channel special I stitch and at least spend time with him in the same room. But I have to say that history is sinking in, I don't think I am listening but on some level I am learning because my trivial pursuit skills are HUGELY improving, lol.

But if I were to create a sewing room I would imagine it something like this:
But I would paint it a wonderful warm french country kind of a blue.
And I would simply have to sew this up for my sewing machine in shades of blue.
You can find the pattern HERE if your interested, just scroll down a bit.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beatrix Pattern Free

I purchased this to do up as a gift for a friend that was pregnant. Well her baby is one and I haven't even purchased the supplies so obviously this isn't going to happen, lol. Anyway I like Beatrix Potter but not enough to stitch this one up for myself. So if there is anyone out there that would like this leave me a comment and I will mail it to you. I also have a photocopy that I made of the pattern that I will include. I like to work from a photocopy so I know I have the original somewhere safe. I know myself well and have found it saves me time and money.

The pattern is called Beatrix Potter StoryBook Sampler II from Green Apple Co. Design Adapted by Jeanne Bowers. It is a very sweet birth announcement and I hope someone out there is excited to have it!