Friday, March 14, 2014

College Stitching

I took several creative stitchery classes in college, HEAVEN! I learned that stitching was not just a joy and relaxation to me but actually recommended by many Dr's as a stress relieving activity.  We completed several small projects and explored a variety stitching. Let me tell you that was the best college homework ever!  I really wanted to take the regular sewing classes they offered but I couldn't afford the lab fees and fabric needed for the courses.  Someday I would really like to go back to school and get my Bachelor's degree and sneak in some of those courses I couldn't afford back then. This is also when I discovered the joy of linen. I grew up in a small town in Wyoming and supplies were limited I had always just used Aida.

I was going through all my stitching tubs looking for blending filament I know I have but can't find and came across a few of the small projects we did in these classes and thought I would share.  I put them in my finish pile so I can actually do something with them 20 something years later, lol.  I thought the tulip would be a cute center to a pillow.  I think this was called shadow work I remember it had several layers the yellow of the tulip is underneath the gauzy first layer.

This next one was my favorite that we did.  First I learned about linen instead of Aida cloth for stitching and I loved the stitches and pulled thread on this.  I think this would make a great top to a jewelry box.  The silk roses are a bit smashed from being in storage so long.    I put my 3 inch embroidery scissors in the pictures for scale.
 Not sure what to do with this one.  I might just frame it in a small frame.  It is the most delicate a couple of the strands on the purple have moved.  It was fun to find these again!

Monday, March 10, 2014

New Organization!

I was out reading the blog of one of The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery girls and she posted THIS organization tip post.  I loved her crate that she had her project supplies in to sit next to her while she worked.  So not a valid option for when I had littles running around and playing in my supplies but it works great now!  I went on a crate search.  I tried thrift stores for a cool one like she had and didn't find much, then I was at Bed Bath and Beyond and in their drawer organization I found the cutest divided box.  Snapped it right up.  I wish the sides were a titch higher but other than that it works great!  So nice to have everything sitting out ready to go but still looking cute.  I am stitching even more because it is right there.

I have been looking at Etsy at all the amazing needle books talented ladies are making, I have not yet committed to one yet.  But I want to get one so I can put my traveling stitcher needle book back in its matching tote with that project.

 This is what it looks like when I am working.  I have needles in my needle book, my scissors are easy to reach and find!  All my threads are there to work with.  The square down from my scissors is where I keep the color I am working on so I can quickly rethread.  Sometimes I thread a couple if I have a large area of the same color and stick the second one either into the top of my needle book or on the magnet on my tablet if I am using a pdf pattern.
 Loved the pattern on this!
This is what is looks like when I walk away, to me it is tidy and fine to sit on the couch waiting for me.  It might bug some people but I love it!  My biggest issue is my Shih Tzu doesn't think twice about walking over it and drives me crazy trying to sit in it while I am stitching.  Comes down to she thinks I should only pay attention to her and stitching gets in the way of that, after a minute she usually settles down on my lap or my feet and gives up the quest to stop me.