Thursday, February 5, 2009

Current Project

I am currently working on the birth announcement for my 2nd child who is oh 3!  But it is getting close!  I have made myself not start anything new until I finish a project, OH SO PAINFUL, lol.  Plus the last few months I haven't worked on anything but this so I could finish it!  I made a ton of progress on super bowl sunday.  It was super bowl stitching for me.  I love when I get this close to finishing but I hate it as well because I find that my dishes pile up and my children complain they have no clean clothes, lol.    The designer is Marie Barber of Marie's Garden printed by Just CrossStitch, titled Celebration of Life.  I have really enjoyed stitching this one as my daughter has been so interested in the progress, she so doubted I was stitching a bear and then the back stitching went in and she could see his face and she was soo excited, lol.Before the SuperBowl of Stitching:

After the SuperBowl of Stitching:
What do you think of this heart?  It is not symetrical and kind of funky, it is stitched exactly as charted, I guess my OCD is kicking in and I really want to match up those sides of the heart, lol.  I have decided to leave it for now and see if it grows on me but I would love to hear your thoughts!

I have really enjoyed stitching the white work pictured here, the photo doesn't do the floss justice.  It is Caron Collection Waterlilies Opal 118 and has a subtle varigation that doesn't show up in the picture but is really beautiful.  I love stitching with this I think I will look for a pattern I like that uses all or a great deal of the waterlilies.

I thought it was interesting, totally unplanned but my first daughter's birth announcement that I stitched was also by Marie Barber titled Welcome Little One.    I think I stopped working on this one for almost a year because I was so afraid to cut!  But I was really happy with how it turned out and really like the drawn thread.  Yes she will be five this month and it is still not framed but it is at least complete!  I thought I would send both of them in together and frame them in a similar way.

I think I will spend some time searching for tips on photographing needlework it has turned out to be more challenging than I would have thought and I have a great camera!!


  1. I love stitching! My current project's going to take 15-20 years's a picture:

  2. I enjoy cross stitching also. I haven't stitched anything in years. Beautiful job!!

  3. Jennifer! That is amazing and yes it may take that long! Good thing your young, lol!

    Amanda, you are still in the lovely baby stage, I didn't get anything done for several years when I had babies and toddlers to love on, Now Aspen is 3 and potty trained and can dress and feed herself I find I have time for my stitching and scrapbooking again, lol