Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So I have narrowed my new project down to two.  The first I love and is so cute and my girls would love it.  It is the "spookiest" advent calendar for Halloween made by Blue Ribbon Designs.  You can see more pictures, supply list etc at the Designers website HERE.   I really liked several designs they had including the new valentine release and the Christmas advent calendar.

The 2nd one I love and I keep going back to, but honestly I think it would end up being one of those WIP's I have for years.  I guess it is my ADD I have a hard time sticking to one project for that long to finish LOL.  But honestly it really pulls on all the mothering feelings I have and I love looking at it.  The designer is Mirabilia, Mother's Arms.  The most beautiful example of this piece completed can be found at another cross stitch blog:  Life In Stitches.  I encourage you to click on the previous link to view her finished piece.  It really makes me want to go and start it today.

So as I am without project I went through my WIP's box and I really have to laugh at myself, I had a shepherds bush kit I started working on and realized the reason I had put it away was the border that was 1/3 complete was missing a stitch from basically the VERY beginning and needed to be removed and restitched.  I removed some of it and then got distracted when I got back to stitching I dug back into the WIP pile and started on a Theresa Wentzler piece and realized that the tape I had used on the edges was so old it was no longer sticky and was falling apart and I could not stitch it in that condition without fraying the linen.  (yes, I know better and overcast all my edges now, but I think I started this piece over 10 years ago and didn't know that then)  So I actually completed the overcast on the entire piece and spent several hours doing so.  So although I have spent hours "stitching"  I don't really have much to show for it, lol.  

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