Saturday, February 22, 2014

Oh how I love a new project!

So in my search of the web to answer some of my stitching questions I read several mentions of a company called The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.  Oh my cuteness!  I made myself a rule about the time I had my second child I could not buy a new stitching project without 100% completing one out of my stash.  Oh it has been a challenge but I have stuck with it.  I bent the rules by a few days on this one but as I knew I would be finishing my Traveling Stitcher I purchased the Once Upon a Time Sampler.  I have the fabric and Weeks floss ordered.  I picked up the DMC colors tonight and new package of needles.  I find I am a needle snob.  I just bought some DMC tapestry needles at Hobby Lobby.  I am spoiled it is official as I used them for a few stitches and I don't like them.  My gold John James needles float through the fabric in comparison to these.  They feel bigger to, even though the state they are the same size.  I may just throw them out and buy some new ones.  I noticed Bohin needles from France online when I ordered my Weeks, I think I will order some of those as well and give them a try.  I am a huge sucker for things from France.  I am so excited to start the Once Upon a Time border I would love to have it done by March 1st when the next piece of the sampler is released but I will probably be lucky to have my fabric by then.  Sigh.  I miss having a quality stitching store close by.  There are some great ones in the big city 30 -45 minutes away but I find it is faster to just order it online.  I am not so great at ever making it up to the store something always comes up. If you like this pattern and want to join in the stitch along make sure you buy the pattern now as it goes up in price next month.  After I finish another project so I can qualify for something new I really want to do their Halloween Sampler, it has skulls in the border!  LOVE it!

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