Monday, February 24, 2014

Over One . . . OH MY!

Stitching over one is kind of magical.  It is so tiny!  You know how baby outfits in newborn size are so cute you want to squeal but the 12 months size of the same outfit is just kind of cute?  Well that is how I feel about this project.  I love that I left the large on the bottom of the piece so I can compare the cute factor.  This is so  much more what I was thinking when I started.  I have found that I don't have to think so much as I do it and my stitches seem to be smoothing out more.  Not bad for a first try at over one.  Now that I have showed you both versions I am going to pick out the large version.  My oldest is SOO bugged by the fact it is there and is constantly pestering me to take out the "wrong" stitches.  Anyway I am excited about my progress so far and am enjoying how fast it is working up.

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